The beauty of a soul is reflected is one’s eyes. However, there is a lot more to eyes than what fills our first glace. Here are some stunning facts about the eye that can enthrall you.

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    May 20th 2016 – Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospital, one of the leading eye care facilities in India, today announced a Back to School initiative to support students returning to school after an unusually hot summer.

Maxivision Eye Hospital has garnered a global reputation over the period of time. We specialize in curing the most complex conditions related to eyes and guarantee a positive change in your life after the treatment. We know you come a long way from your home in search of appropriate treatment and you deserve the best. We are here to extend comprehensive eye care in India which is at par with international standards.

We have a dedicated team to exclusively handle the affairs related to our international patients. We will assist you with overall medical enquiries along with other logistical facilities.

Appointment with specialist doctor

Based on the nature of eye problem and the overall history of the complication, we help you get an appointment with concerned eye specialist tobest suit your treatment process.

We arrange for your accommodation and transport

There is no need for you to rush around in search of place to stay. Our team willassist you in finding the best place for your accommodation during the tenure of your visit. With prior information about your visit in hand, we will arrange for your transport right from the moment of your arrival in the airport.

Our other services for international patients include

  • Interpreters for non-English speaking patients

  • Access to foreign exchange services

  • Personalized nursing

  • Assistance with home care services

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