Serving the less privileged

Maxivision Eye Hospitals launched a countrywide social initiative - the Kasu Vengala Reddy Memorial Trust, in memory
 and honour of the late father of Dr. K. P. Reddy (Managing Director at Maxivision).
 The Trust helps restore eyesight for visually challenged people from the economically weaker sections of the society.

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Staff development and recognition

Maxivision serves the community through a number of initiatives designed to help the less privileged.

At Maxivision Eye Hospitals, employees become the backbone of the initiatives and volunteer their time and contribute their skills, to implement CSR Programs. For example; Maxivision Eye Hospitals has adopted two villages where we focus primarily on health and healthy living. We work at these villages and provide medical check-up and treatment, health camps and health awareness programs. Maxivision Eye Hospital aims to improve patient and staff welfare and enhance the hospital environment for patients, staff and visitors. Maxivision's core business business is looking after people, which is why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business. We invest heavily in staff training and development. We want our employment profile to be inclusive and diverse. We believe this will help our hospitals provide outstanding patient care.

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