We all suffer a certain amount of fear and apprehensions prior to any operation. I know this is a very old but the saying is true Looking for the right eye hospital & surgeon to perform the right treatment for me was especially important as I was looking for my wife and myself to undergo eye surgery. Researching online these days was the obvious choice for me, although word of mouth with friends, family and colleagues is my first preference. Believe it or not information in the UK is not as informative as one would like. A name kept coming back to me as I researched for the best treatment & best hospital and that was Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals.  My time was limited to two weeks holiday duration, although I could have sought treatment locally, but I decided to travel to Hyderabad and visit Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospital. From the moment I rang Maxivision in the UK and later from my hotel in Goa the team had been informative, patient & understanding. On arriving in Hyderabad and May I say this the drive to Maxivsion was a very scenic drive. The moment myself & my wife arrived at Maxivision, we were treated with utmost courtesy. The staff was kind, the hospital was clean & modern. Some of the hi-tech equipment to be used to perform surgery was out of this world. I need to say the surgery went according to the plan, the information we required was on hand and within one hour of actual operation, both the eyes had a new lease of life.

A big thank you from me &my wife Lilian to all the staff at the hospital.  
Lilian and Robert Nemas  
North Yorkshire England

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