Your vision will be blurred.

Yes, it’s permanent.

Between 20 - 40 years.

Yes, you need to have regular eye check-up especially retina check-up for diabetic retinopathy.

Glaucoma is mostly symptomless, but sometimes you might have headaches, eye strain.

There are reports of retina being affected in Covid patients.

For children eye check-up should be for every 6 months.
For adults eye check-up should be once a year.
If required you should change the glass after eye check-up.

Yes, you can go for Lasik, but to do suitability test you shouldn’t use Contact Lens for a week.

Yes, you should have regular check-up as there are eye conditions which do not have any symptoms.

Yes, it is hereditary.

Lasik correction is dependent on your cornea thickness.

Yes, it is a contact lens, but it is implanted.

Retinal disorder requires regular check-up.

Recovery period is one week but medications is for one month.

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