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Ocular Migraine

What triggers Ocular Migraine?

Several studies show that around 213 million Indians are suffering from…

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Maxivision Application

Download Our App- Your Eye health, made easy.

Almost everyone today has a mobile. Technology has made many actions…

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Cataract surgery

When should my cataract be operated on?

Cataract surgery is the process of removing the clouded natural lens…

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causes of blindness

What are the 7 causes of blindness?

Did you know that blindness is mostly caused by age-related diseases?…

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How can I get rid of glasses?

How can I get rid of glasses?

There are several procedures to get rid of glasses called Refractive…

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What types of food are bad for your eyes

What types of food are bad for your eyes?

Did you know that 80% of our learning comes from the…

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Do you suffer from Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?

Redness, irritation, and foreign body sensation in the eye are the…

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corneal ulcers and their causes

What are corneal ulcers and their causes?

What is the cause of corneal ulcers? Corneal ulcers are a…

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Dr Shibu Varkey

Dr Shibu is now a part of Maxivision’s Team!

Ophthalmologists! They make the world beautiful. How? You ask? Well, they…

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What Are The Causes Of Eye Tearing?

Tears don’t always mean crying. In fact, tears have multiple uses…

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