What types of food are bad for your eyes?
What types of food are bad for your eyes

Did you know that 80% of our learning comes from the eyes? Therefore, the eyes are one of the most important and complex organs that we have. Moreover, recent studies show that there has been a steady increase in the number of people suffering from eye problems. The main reason is the use of gadgets […]

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Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?
Do you suffer from Dry Eyes

Redness, irritation, and foreign body sensation in the eye are the most common complaints in the eye clinic. While these symptoms can be caused by a lot of diseases, the most common by far is dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome was a rare disease about a decade ago, but with the increasing usage of […]

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What are Corneal ulcers and their causes?
corneal ulcers and their causes

What is the cause of corneal ulcers? Corneal ulcers are a kind of infection that happens when your cornea undergoes any traumatic condition. In general, corneal ulcers are caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses that affect the clear white area of the eye. Did you know conjunctivitis or pink eyes are one of the symptoms […]

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Dr Shibu is now a part of Maxivision’s Team
Dr Shibu Varkey

Ophthalmologists! They make the world beautiful. How? Do you ask? Well, they have the capacity to bring back vision. Not just that, they make the vision crisp and clear as ever! We’re always in a state of gratitude toward our team for their dynamic nature in being proactive in all our ventures and putting their […]

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What Are the Causes of Eye Tearing?

Tears don’t always mean crying. In fact, tears have multiple uses and benefits to them. For us, we might not be too concerned about what they do. But, the functions they do will simply astonish you. Now that we’ve established how important tears are, let us create more interest in you with this wonderful fact. […]

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How to keep your Eyes Healthy while working on a Computer?

Who today isn’t working on a computer, right? All jobs today demand working with one or multiple screens. With this culture, there has been a rapid increase in eye stress issues. That is why we are here to educate you with a few quick tips and tricks that you can use to keep your eyes […]

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How Do You Keep Your Eyes Healthy After the Age of 40?

We’ve all heard about the health-related issues that might show up after the age of 40. And frankly, the age 40 means different to different generations. Even though they mean different, everybody who crosses the age of 40 should get a little serious about taking care of their eyes. It is what we will be […]

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LASIK Surgery: Know About Corneal Thickness

If you’re thinking of getting a LASIK surgery done, let us tell you that it is always the right decision. Before diving into why you should know about Corneal thickness before getting LASIK surgery, let’s see what LASIK does. As we all know, to move away from glasses, you get LASIK surgery done. It is […]

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What are Glaucoma Beta-blockers?

Many treatments are about lowering or controlling fluid pressure, which is most likely to harm the optic nerve, which transmits visual details to the brain. Glaucoma eye drops are often preferred over glaucoma surgery because they are more successful in preventing eye damage. Certain eye drops can worsen certain medical disorders, such as asthma, and […]

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Eye Infections Types and their Causes
eye infections treatment

The eyes are the most critical and sensitive part of our body. It is a self-responsible task to keep them safe. Especially after the monsoon season is when bacterial and viral eye infections spread like wildfire. Unlike the nose and throat, the eyes catch infection easily. With that being said, we are here to educate […]

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