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Corneal blindness treatment in Hyderabad

Corneal Blindness and how to prevent it?

Today, corneal blindness is one of the most common types of permanent blindness. Also, it accounts for 5% of the…

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Vision screening

Vision screening- Do children need it regularly?

As a parent, watching your children excel in school is a great joy. Students engage in many activities – it…

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Glaucoma __ maxivision

Top most common causes for Vision loss in seniors

As we age, changes do alter our vision. Here are the top most common causes for vision loss in seniors. …

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What is astigmatism? Symptoms, causes and treatment.

Astigmatism is a normal vision problem due to an error in the shape of the cornea. With this, the lens…

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Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain reduced with 5 ways

Are you among those who spend hours a day in front of a computer monitor? Then you must probably have…

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Infection control during pandemic in hospitals

Infection control during pandemic are a must in all the hospitals for keeping the facility safe for visiting patients and…

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Foggy Eyeglasses

Foggy eyeglasses: How to avoid them while wearing a face mask?

While face masks help us steer clear of accidentally transmitting coronavirus, millions of eyeglass wearers are already discovering the annoyance…

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Summer Eyecare tips

Eye care tips for summer- Why to wear sunglasses

It’s June, and summer is in full swing. Even though we spend most summer indoors, there’s still a risk of…

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Academics of a Pandemic


‘We prepare and display our best skill sets, when we have faceless enemies’ India as a country, had battled various…

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Refractive errors __ Maxivision

Refractive errors – Causes, Symptoms, and Preventive measures

Refractive error is a common eye disorder. Refractive error, in understandable technical terms means that the eye cannot reflect the…

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