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Dr G S K Velu


Dr. GSK Velu, Man who dreams of making India a self-sufficient nation in terms of medical technology, expertise and quality healthcare. Dr. Velu has been awarded several recognition and has been named as "parallel entrepreneur" by Forbes and "first generation serial entrepreneur" by many renowned institutes & media publications.Dr. Velu' s vision, determination and futuristic approach to make healthcare affordable to one and all made it possible for the tens of thousands of Indians who accessed medical technology, diagnostic services, eye care, dental care and dialysis services which otherwise used to be a very costly affair and hence unaffordable for the common man. Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable not only to Indian Population but to the underprivileged population across the world is the vision for which he is working for over 28 years from 1988 in the Corporate World. All his corporate ventures work with one goal of improving access and affordability for Healthcare across the Globe with specific relevance to Under Developed/ Developing market.

Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy

M.B.B.S. M.S (Ophtahal) London, Aviation Medicine (Along with British Pilot License)
World Renowned & Eminent Laser-assisted Eye Surgery Expert

Rare distinction of being the first and the only Indian member of ACOS - American - European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery First Indian to be designated Authorized Medical Examiner for Civil Aviation Authority from Gatwick Airport, London with over 45000 successful laser surgical procedures spread across 30 years of active practice to his credit, Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder and Co-Chairman of Maxivision Eye Hospitals is the foremost laser-assisted eye surgery expert in the country. Qualified from Guntur Medical College, Dr. Reddy accomplished his MS in General Surgery from Stanley Medical college. Having started out as a General surgeon, he left India for UK in 1978. After 4 years of Orthopedics and Accident & Emergency, followed by 1 year of Neurosurgery, in 1983 he eventually chose Ophthalmology as his specialty at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. He then went on to achieve DO from Dublin in 1985 and attained MRC (Ophtho) from London in the year 1986.