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A relatively recent technology, SMILE is making headlines for its ability to treat refractive errors, chiefly myopia and astigmatism, to a high degree of accuracy. Expanded as Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, it's the advanced version of laser surgery which has benefited millions worldwide.

The uniqueness of SMILE is its ability to award you very sharp vision apart from giving you freedom from glasses. Sharp vision is possible due to a customised treatment plan for each eye or set of eyes based on their topographical mapping. Thus, the cornea is reshaped post-SMILE surgery, thereby correcting your refractive error.

Studies also indicate that SMILE is safe, predictable and efficacious on your eyes. Maxivision has been at the forefront of introducing the SMILE technology in Hyderabad.

Top 5 Benefits of SMILE Treatment

SMILE can bring a smile to your face for the following reasons

Freedom from
heavy spectacles

Minimally Invasive
laser eye surgery

Rapid Recovery
of Eyesight

Only a 20-minutes
OP procedure

corneal stability

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An advanced form of laser surgery that treats your eyes with high precision to give you sharp vision and freedom from glasses. It’s an absolutely bladeless 2 mm keyhole surgery.

The SMILE technology is FDA-approved and has been in use since 2016 in the USA. The surgery is only done after a thorough series of tests subject to certain criteria.

Eligibility is determined subject to certain conditions.

  • You should be aged 22 & above
  • Stable eye prescription in last one year
  • Good eye health, especially your cornea
  • Your myopia should be between -1 to -10
  • Astigmatism should be only up to 3 Diopters
  • Realistic expectations about SMILE outcomes

Unlike others, SMILE is an entirely flapless keyhole surgery, which creates corneal flaps.

SMILE surgery involves the following steps

  • Applying anaesthetic drops for painless surgery.
  • Controlled & precise laser pulses were placed on the corneal centre.
  • Bubbles created by laser pulses create outlines for tissue that will be removed.
  • The doctor takes out the tissue through a small connecting tunnel.

The recovery time varies from person to person. But it's usually a quick & hassle-free recovery.

SMILE is a highly precise laser technology that doesn't cause harm to your corneal cells or tissues. Rather, it gives you a very pleasant experience.

Yes, you will be awake but without any pain. The anaesthetic drops applied prior to surgery numb your eyes.

Your eye doctor or the medical staff will tell you about any preparations if needed. Else, there aren't any special preparations.

Normal water may not contain the salts found in your tears. Hence, you will be prescribed lubricating eye drops or other medications till the doctor advises you to go back to your regular routine.

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