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20 Years
7 Cities
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Eye Care Hospital Chairman Maxivision In Hyderabad Dr. Gs Velu

Dr. G.S.K. Velu


Refractive Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy

Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy

Founder & Co Chairman

Eye Specialist Mentor Maxivision In Hyderabad Dr Premraj

Dr. Premraj

Mentor, Tamilnadu


Eye Specialist Hyderabad Advisor In Maxivision Dr Shiva

Dr. P. Siva Kumar


Eye Doctor In Hyderabad Dr Ganesan

Athmanathan Ganesan


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Eye Care Hospital Business Manager In Maxivision Dr Ssudheer

Sudheer S.

Chief Operating Officer

Eye Hospital Near Me Chartered Accountant In Maxivision Dr Ravi Prakash

Ravi Prakash Nistala

Chief Finance Officer

Eye Hospital Near Me Clinical Operator In Maxivision Hyderabad Dr Anil Kumar

Dr. Anil Kumar Bathula

VP - Clinical

Best Eye Hospital Assistant Vice President Maxivision Dr Anand Baggadeo

Anand Baggadeo

AVP - Operations

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In the simplest terms, a Refractive error is caused when the focus of the eye is disturbed. The most common Refractive errors include Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism. These can be corrected through Refractive Surgeries best suitable for your eyes.
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With a legacy of stellar eye care services, dating back to 1991, Maxivision Eye Hospitals has treated over 2.4 million patients. With 14 hospitals in 6 cities across the country, our technology surpasses all standards of normalcy, making us the pioneer in the domain of eye care. We've helped people of all age groups though their journey from darkness to light. The support and technology we've provided through the years, has always been at an affordable for cost for our patients. Our Mission and vision is simple; to make quality and highly affordable eye care easily available to every citizen of India; from any segment of the society - rural or urban.


Maxivision has been covered by various media agencies for the quality of care & excellent patient outcomes. Check out the latest news, events and health information for you and your family from the Maxivision expert care team.


  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad Saryu

    "I have been visiting the Maxivision hospital for 4 years now and I can confidently say that they have always been a reliable support to all my eye care issues. They use the latest technology, techniques and treatments that are painless and highly effective."

    Mr Saryu Roy

  • Maxivision Eye Care Hospital Reviews

    "I believe Dr. K. Prasad Reddy is like a god in a human disguise. He has given my eyes a new light with just a small and painless surgery. I sincerely appreciate the Team Maxivision for taking good care of my well being. You can definitely trust them."

    V. V. Vinayaka

  • I have been coming to Maxivision for the last 4-5 years and I/m very much satisfied with the services given by the doctors and the staff members.

    Dr N V Gautam

  • We've been coming for 8 years. We are satisfied with the good doctors and the staff is very good in guiding.

    L Padmaja Reddy

  • Very detailed diagnostic and clear explanation in simple term. Thank you Maxivision

    G Laxmninarayana

  • We had come to Maxivisoin for 2nd review, the overall dedication and support by the staff is unbelievable and very pleasant. Would surely rate a 5 Star. Thank you to all the staff members and doctors for giving us complete support and assurance within a stipulated time.

    Neelavathi Balasukramanyam

  • Very helpful staff. Very Quick and efficient service. Doctors and optometrists were very efficient and pleasant.

    K Kamakshi

  • Extremely good hospitality and care. Treatment is excellent

    G Manjunath

  • Very Smooth and relevant help given.

    Ishita Mistry

  • Excellent courtesy, Treatment Excellent, we are very happy about overall experience

    P Balaramani

  • We were guided well by the staff. Doctor is very supportive.



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Maxivision Eye Hospitals is a part of a very big health care group of companies - Trivitron Health Care Group. The group is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of multi-disciplinary health care diagnostic devices, operating from 3 countries - India, Finland and Turkey. Thus, we are committed to providing the best technology, quality and expertise for all your eye care needs.