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We, at MaxVision Opticals, believe that a clear vision is what makes a person stand out. Our goal is to bring you the best of global standard eyewear with the latest in technology and style. And that’s precisely why we’ve partnered with global leaders in Optical brands to bring you a wide range of Optical choices.

What do you get?

  • Polarised lenses for Outdoors
  • Lenses made with MR 8, to provide higher impact-resistance
  • High Index lenses for unique vision correction
  • Blue Cut lenses for heavy screen-users
Labs with Advanced tech

Labs with Advanced tech

NEKSIA by Essilor

You might have already experienced in the past, the glasses not fitting the frame properly. This will eventually lead to dirt accumulation and makes the glass lose its grip on the frame. Neksia by Essilor brilliantly brought a solution to this problem with its state-of-the-art frame tracing technology, which makes a precise cut, every time.

When it comes to quality and productivity, Neksia Essilor tops the charts with ease. This technology makes highly precise edging so that your glasses will look just right!

  • Precision with Semi-auto edger
  • Progressive lenses lab with Essilor

Brands we partnered with

Contact Lenses

Don’t like the hassle of glasses and still want to be glass-free without getting surgery done? Contact lenses are an amazing option. We provide high-quality contact lenses made with different biocompatible materials. Along with that our experienced Optometrists give you training on the proper usage of contact lenses. Along with that, we also provide various options based on your needs and usage.

Want disposable lenses so that you can discard them after a single use? You got it! Looking for easily replaceable lenses that you can change once every few months? On our shelves, right here!

We have tied up with global brands and suppliers of contact lenses so that you have a wide variety of choices that will cater to all your needs.

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