Infection control during Pandemic in Hospitals

Infection control during pandemic are a must in all the hospitals for keeping the facility safe for visiting patients and health care workers. Vision care with care of safety has been done at Maxivision Eye Hospital with diligent infection control practices and protocols. We have lived and survived with SARS, HNI, and many other viruses […]

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Foggy Eyeglasses: How to avoid them while wearing a face mask?
Foggy Eyeglasses

While face masks help us steer clear of accidentally transmitting coronavirus, millions of eyeglass wearers are already discovering the annoyance caused by mask-induced foggy eyeglasses and lenses. With the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommending face masks to curb the spread of COVID-19, fogged-up glasses or foggy eyeglasses are a problem that is […]

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Academics of a Pandemic

‘We prepare and display our best skill sets, when we have faceless enemies’ India as a country, had battled various contagious virus spreads. From Swine Flu, to Dengue to Nipaa Virus, we had overcome many major crisis, without being paralyzed on our day to day routine, or business. And most of the past contagions were […]

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Patient Management protocols during COVID pandemic and lockdown period

Objectives To be part of essential health care services as per government directives and guidelines To keep our staff and doctors safe from infection while rendering the vital services To take care of vision care emergencies and consultations for preventive care Policy We, at Maxivision Eye Care Hospitals Group, have seen over 6 million patients […]

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Leadership in the times of a Pandemic – COVID-19

Hello All, I hope you all are safe and healthy. All of us are probably now morbid with boredom than the real virus itself. It is why I want to pitch in and give some pep talk to all of you. Being in leadership roles, we mustn’t lose our morale and motivation. The fear or […]

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How Am I Managing The Stress and Depression during Isolation and No Work?

The current lockdown brought about due to the onset of the Covid19 is an unprecedented event in the lives of every individual today in their lifetime. It is not something that anyone of us has seen in our current lifetime and something that we all hope to not see again. During these times we all […]

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