What types of food are bad for your eyes

What types of food are bad for your eyes?

Did you know that 80% of our learning comes from the eyes? Therefore, the eyes are one of the most…

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Glaucoma __ maxivision

Top most common causes for Vision loss in seniors

As we age, changes do alter our vision. Here are the top most common causes for vision loss in seniors. …

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Summer Eyecare tips

Eye care tips for summer- Why to wear sunglasses

It’s June, and summer is in full swing. Even though we spend most summer indoors, there’s still a risk of…

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Patient management protocols during COVID pandemic and lockdown period

Objectives To be part of essential health care services as per government directives and guidelines To keep our staff and…

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Leadership in the times of a Pandemic – COVID-19

Hello All, I hope you all are safe and healthy. All of us are probably now morbid with boredom than…

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Strategies to Adopt to make every patient a brand Ambassador

It takes a lot to satisfy customers these days. Social media acts as a tool to anticipate customer needs and…

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