What are the 7 causes of Blindness?
causes of blindness

Did you know that blindness is mostly caused by age-related diseases? But, with proper awareness and precaution, you can prevent blindness. Before we proceed further, we would like to clear a cloud of thought that hovers around the word ‘blindness’.  Blindness varies from hazy vision to completely losing sight. There are cases with a limited […]

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How can I get rid of Glasses?
How can I get rid of glasses?

There are several procedures to get rid of glasses called Refractive Surgeries. But, usually, these are classified as cosmetic procedures. Are they cosmetic or curative? Let’s take a simple example of a person using high-powered glasses. The first thing that he does after getting up is to look around for his glasses. If he has […]

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How to keep your Eyes Healthy while working on a Computer?

Who today isn’t working on a computer, right? All jobs today demand working with one or multiple screens. With this culture, there has been a rapid increase in eye stress issues. That is why we are here to educate you with a few quick tips and tricks that you can use to keep your eyes […]

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How Do You Keep Your Eyes Healthy After the Age of 40?

We’ve all heard about the health-related issues that might show up after the age of 40. And frankly, the age 40 means different to different generations. Even though they mean different, everybody who crosses the age of 40 should get a little serious about taking care of their eyes. It is what we will be […]

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Age-related Eye Conditions and their Symptoms
best eye hospital in hyderabad

The eyes are an essential part of your body. With that being said, they deserve and need all the care in the world to make sure they serve you well. Age-related vision changes is a typical process as we grow older. But eye problems aren’t something you should simply write off as usual. So, consult […]

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Eye Health – Smoking Affects Vision and Eyesight
Smoking affects Vision and Eyesight

Smoking can cause some severe health problems like lung disease and cancer. Researchers have also found that Smoking may harm your eyes as well. Moreover, the habit of Smoking can damage our vision faster than a disease. Here is how Smoking affects your vision and eye health: Cataract: A harmful influence of Smoke Cataracts are […]

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Corneal Blindness and how to prevent it?
Corneal blindness treatment in Hyderabad

Today, corneal blindness is one of the most common types of permanent blindness. Also, it accounts for 5% of the world’s total blind population. It mainly affects people at a younger age. Communicable diseases, infections and contaminations increase the danger of corneal blindness, particularly of people living in an unhealthy environment. Corneal blindness largely affects […]

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Top most common causes for Vision loss in seniors
Glaucoma __ maxivision

As we age, changes do alter our vision. Here are the top most common causes for vision loss in seniors.  Some of these changes are perfectly normal, while others can have a life-changing impact. Some of these changes can affect our vision and quality of life permanently. In fact, many eye diseases develop without pain, […]

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Digital eye strain Reduced with 5 ways
Digital Eye Strain

Are you among those who spend hours a day in front of a computer monitor? Then you must probably have experienced something along the lines of eyes burning, neck aching, vision blurring or head throbbing – it is then you might have a common hitch known as eyestrain. Or better put Digital eye strain. In […]

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Protect Your eyesight as you age

When we hear the word ageing, the usual worries are wrinkles, weak knees, grey hair, and so on. But, what about those organs that showed you the colourful world all these years? When you consider the effects of ageing on our body and lifestyle, taking care of our eyesight should be one of the top […]

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