Children’s Eye Care for Summer

Do you think that the usual everyday light can be dangerous to the eyes? If you think ‘No’, you need to think again. Everyday light can be as harmful as a bright flash directed into our eyes. So, imagine how damaging it can be on children’s eyes?

We all know that the intensity of light in summer is higher than of other seasons. So, proper care should be taken towards children’s eyes. In this blog, we cover some ideas on how you can prepare and care your children’s eyes this summer. Let’s get into it.

Using Sunglasses to block off the UV rays:

UV rays are ultraviolet rays that are emitted from the sun. Due to our miraculous outer atmosphere, most of its intensity is absorbed before the light reaches our eyes. Did you observe the word ‘most of it’? Yes, some fraction of UV light can make through, which can damage the eyes. To prevent this, there are prescribed UV filter lenses available at our optical outlet. Get an appointment with our Pediatric eye care specialists to get your kids’ eyes checked.

Use a hat

Hats are a great way to block direct sunlight. They also increase the cool quotient of the attire, so it’s a win-win. In India, summer is the time where kids get to enjoy playing outdoors. So, make sure you equip them up with a hat before sending them out.

Use apt goggles for sports

It is essential to teach the kids about safety precautions while playing any sports. Show them why it is necessary to wear the right eye gear. Summer is known for swimming. Everyone enjoys taking a dip in the pool during the hot summer days. The water in Pools is treated with chlorine to kill any unwanted bacteria, and chlorine can cause severe allergies that might lead to eye diseases. To prevent that, make sure to buy a pair of right-sized swimming glasses before opting for swimming classes.

Teach them not to look directly at the sun

If truth be told, we all at least once in our lives have tried to look at the sun directly. It is a serious act that can damage the inner layers of eyes. So, as elders, we must teach them that it is a dangerous act to look at the bright day sun.

Let the sleep be good

It may be the summer holidays, they can play all day, but when it comes to sleep, do not neglect their routine. Make sure your kids have a good night’s sleep. As we shut our eyes for sleep, they start the process of continuous lubrication. It helps in clearing out all the dust, smoke and allergens that entered our eyes during the day.

Sleep being such important, kids these days are so used to phones and displays that interrupt sleep patterns due to their blue light emission. Please read the science behind blue light emission and know it affects our eyes. Teach the same to your kids and make it a habit not to look at displays before sleep.

Following these can help a lot in maintaining proper hygiene for eyes. It’s always a good practice to make sure we teach the young generation, the importance of eye care.

If there are any disturbances you observe in your, or your kid’s eyesight, book an appointment with us. We, at Maxivision, have doctors that are skilled and experienced in providing all sorts of eye care solutions.

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