Age-related Eye Conditions and their Symptoms

The eyes are an essential part of your body. With that being said, they deserve and need all the care in the world to make sure they serve you well. Age-related vision changes is a typical process as we grow older. But eye problems aren’t something you should simply write off as usual. So, consult the best eye specialists in Hyderabad for optimal eye care. Here are some common vision problems that could affect you with ageing. You should seek immediate professional assistance from an eye doctor, ophthalmologist, or optometrist for the best possible diagnosis and treatment.


A condition where objects closer to you appear clear and objects farther from you appear blurry. This condition, also known as Myopia, is one of the top symptoms in ageing people. 


Ageing people sometimes tend to produce more tears than required. It could stem from several different reasons, and one should consult an eye doctor. 

Dry eyes

This is a condition where the tear glands in your eyes fail in producing tears. As a result, your eyes might itch and burn. Even though it’s rare, there are chances you could lose partial or complete vision if you don’t take care of it. 

Treat your cataracts by the best eye specialists in Hyderabad

If you have heard the word ‘Cataracts’ by now, we can say that it was a serious discussion. That’s because of how Cataracts develop. They form slow and painlessly. This is why you should always get your eyes checked. At Maxivision, we have pathbreaking equipment to treat cataracts using painless and bladeless surgeries. 

Eyelid Problems are solved by the best eye specialists in Hyderabad

With ageing, one of the common symptoms includes tearing, pain and itching. There is also a possibility of eyelid inflammation.  In conclusion, the ideal way to ensure your eyes remain healthy and functional is to take utmost care of them. Several other symptoms can affect you while ageing. Visit our hospitals for a wide array of eye-related services.  NOTE: No information, suggestion, advice, evaluation, process, terminology, etc., provided in our blog should be considered as the final medical advice. Please note that this information is only indicatory for you to get a better understanding of various eye-related syndromes and treatment options available. For any issues or discomfort in your eye(s), we recommend you visit our hospital. Only on complete diagnosis by one of our doctors, we can evaluate your condition, and help you with a relevant medical process and/or treatment.

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