LASIK has been the industry leader in vision correction until date, beginning from the late 90s when the US FDA approved it. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It has benefited millions of patients over more than two decades in living a specs-free life. Patients felt confident about their looks and never worried about wet spectacles during rain or a water splash.

Thus, LASIK started a revolution in vision correction technology. All these years, many new forms of LASIK technology have come to the forefront, each more advanced than the other and offering a unique advantage. This includes FEMTO, ICL, PRK and more.

The latest advancement in LASIK technology is Contoura Vision. Maxivision Eye Care Hospital Provides the best Contoura vision treatment in Begumpet, Hyderabad. Unlike its predecessors, it is unique in its approach to correcting refractive errors like Myopia, Astigmatism and Hyperopia. Also known as Topography-guided LASIK, it maps the maximum number of points on your eye cornea to remove the maximum number of aberrations. The removal of these aberrations prevents halos, night vision issues, etc. 

This ensures the sharpest and crispest vision possible. Thus, you could get a vision that you had while you were a kid.

Contoura Vision has proved to be very successful with all the patients treated. It was only after actual trials in patients that the US FDA granted approval for its manufacture. Alcon is the only company authorised globally to manufacture and sell the Contoura Vision machine. 

What makes Contoura Vision unique?

Although LASIK is popular in general, Contoura Vision stands out. The following features and characteristics make it stand out –

  • It functions on the Personalised Vision Correction (PVC) technique. In this, the Contoura Vision software maps up to 22,000 points on your eye cornea to detect aberrations. After the mapping is done, the system directs the machine laser beam to correct the respective refractive errors.
  • The Contoura surgery is performed on the visual axis as against the older technique of treating the pupil axis. This is the ideal way which ensures the best vision.
  • This procedure saves more than 40% of corneal tissue
  • Eye movements during the Contoura surgery aren’t an issue compared to other methods of LASIK
  • The vision possible has been more than 6/6. The maximum possible in the older techniques is 6/6
  • You get the sharpest and crispest vision possible, whether day or night
  • No night vision issues with reading, driving or doing other activities
  • An absolutely bladeless and painless procedure
  • No need for anaesthetic injections. Anaesthetic eye drops numb the eyes
  • This is an OPD (Out-Patient Department) procedure as it takes just 20 minutes to complete the procedure. Even if it stretches, it won’t go beyond 30 to 40 minutes

Reading all the points listed above, you would have gotten an idea about what makes Contoura Vision an ideal procedure to treat your refractive errors. Maxivision Eye Hospital Telangana, AP has been at the forefront of introducing it to the residents of Hyderabad. You can live an exciting specs-free life, too, by conducting an eligibility test.

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