The arrival of monsoons gives you great pleasure. But it comes with its share of problems for your eyes. Diseases are common in the monsoon season, but the eye is the most prone organ due to its delicate state. Conjunctivitis, Corneal Ulcers & Styes (lesions around the eyelids) are common eye infections in monsoon period.

In all of them, bacteria, viruses or parasites become the common culprits. The moist atmosphere of the monsoons is a perfect breeding ground for them. The constant exposure to dust, pollen and pollutants that get mixed with the rain waters or get splashed from the ground makes it easy for them to breed.

The spreading of these infections from one person to one or multiple people is another matter of concern. A good example is that of your house itself. If one person contracts conjunctivitis, the other family member or members may contract the same by the time the affected gets well. Hence, the affected person has to maintain a healthy distance from other family members until the eyes get well.

Following good eye hygiene is the best way to prevent these infections. Though it may not be 100 % foolproof, good eye hygiene is our basic duty. 

What measures constitute good eye hygiene in order to prevent eye infections in Monsoon?

Good eye hygiene is a combination of numerous preventive measures. They help you and the people around you. Let’s go through these measures for your proper understanding.

  1. Hand washing: Always wash your hands well after you come home from outside, whether at work, leisure, school or anything else. Touching your eyes or eye region with dirty hands may breed bacteria, causing eye infections. 
  2. Separate your towels & napkins: While towels are used when bathing or after freshening up, napkins can be used anywhere. Keep them separate to avoid the spread of germs. Also, don’t ever share them with anyone.
  3. Eye drops: If you have itchy or dry eyes, apply good eye drops. Avoid rubbing your eyes at all.
  4. Healthy distance: If your family member, friends or anyone else has an eye infection, maintain a healthy distance till it subsides. You may help the infected person apply eye drops, but you must wash your hands thoroughly after the same.
  5. Eye washing: Keep your eyes well washed, especially if they are itchy or feel irritated. This cools them down and prevents germ spread instead of rubbing them.
  6. Protective eyewear: Use wraparound glasses and sunglasses when interacting with someone having an eye infection or for protection from dust storms. Also, you should not forget that UV rays come in through the clouds too.
  7. Food lifestyle: Intake plenty of fluids and have enough fresh food, including wholesome salads, vegetables, fruits, etc. Avoid unhealthy foods like junk food.
Healthy regimen for healthy eyes

We have examined an exhaustive list of measures that would help you maintain a healthy eye regimen during this monsoon. All you need to do is follow them to the best of your ability. In case of an eye infection, don’t hesitate to consult your eye doctor immediately.

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