There are several procedures to get rid of glasses called Refractive Surgeries. But, usually, these are classified as cosmetic procedures. Are they cosmetic or curative?

Let’s take a simple example of a person using high-powered glasses. The first thing that he does after getting up is to look around for his glasses. If he has a minus power, he’ll be able to look at the time on his desk clock. But, if he has plus power, he cannot clearly see the desk clock or the wall clock. To get this rectified, he has to get a Refractive surgery done. So, because glasses affect your everyday life, the concept of freedom from glasses can be said as curative rather than a cosmetic process. 

The options available for achieving freedom from glasses are LASER-based and LENS-based surgical procedures. LASIK has become a household term for many years now. It’s a safe and easy procedure, invented in 1989, and conventionally uses Excimer LASER. Now FEMTO laser is also used to make the procedure simpler and safer. The latest technology in this field is the SMILE procedure, which has done away with even a few rare complications possible with regular LASIK.

Then there are those who have high powers and are not amenable to being corrected with Laser technology. In such cases, the option available for them is the Phakic IOL procedure, wherein a fragile bio-compatible synthetic lens is permanently implanted inside the eyeball. This, again, is a procedure with minimal complications and good reproducible outcomes.

The success of both LASIK and Phakic IOL procedures depends as much on flawless surgery in the hands of an experienced surgeon as on precise pre-operative assessment using cutting-edge technology to acquire the details of the patients’ eyes most accurately. Advanced software uses this data to design personalised treatment protocols for each eye.

Words like Aspheric, wavefront, and higher-order aberrometry, which are routinely used in astronomical telescopes, have become regular in the vocabulary of Refractive Surgeons, indicative of the peak of optical technology that is utilised in providing that crystal clear spectacle-free vision.

Refractive surgery offers a safe, simple and easy solution to those who dream of having a clear vision without the burden of spectacles paving their way to a better quality of life. If you’re considering whether or not to opt for Refractive surgery, make sure to book an appointment with us. We’ll get your eyes diagnosed to every minute detail and provide you with the best possible way to get your eyesight back on track.