What is a surfer’s eye? Will the surfer’s eye go away?

Surfer’s Eye is a condition of the eye where a pinkish, fleshy tissue growth happens on the conjunctiva. Also known as Pterygium,  it grows closest to the side near the nose in an almost triangular shape and goes up to the cornea. But the growth is not cancerous and benign. But the extent of the growth varies from person to person. When it covers the central part of the cornea, causing vision loss, it should be removed through surgical intervention. But the re-growth of the tissue may happen over time. 

This condition happens with people living in places close to the equator. It occurs due to intense exposure to UV light, dust, wind and dry eyes. Also, genetics play a role at times. People in the age group between the 20s to 40s suffer from surfer’s eye, but anyone from any age group could get affected. Secondly, males are the majority of victims.

Will Pterygium stop growing?

Pterygium either grows slowly over a lifetime or ceases at a certain point naturally. Hence, It needs constant monitoring to make sure the growth stays within limits. You can always do your bit to slow the growth or initiate the healing process by doing simple things:

  • Wearing good quality sunglasses all day. These shades should be able to block at least 99% UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet Radiation B). Not only sunny days, but UV radiation is also there on cloudy days too. Also, ensure it’s a wraparound shade for complete protection.
  • Always wear hats with brims.
  • Use artificial tears in dry seasons.

Getting rid of surfer’s eye

If your eye feels itchy, has a burning sensation, looks reddish, feels gritty or feels heavy without ceasing, you must consult an eye specialist. Subsequently, the treatment follows an examination using a microscope called a ‘slit lamp’. Proper treatment and good care help with the healing process.  

If you have mild symptoms, further treatment is not required. But if there is redness or irritation in your eyes temporarily, the eye specialist may prescribe 

  • Eyedrops
  • Wetting Drops
  • Eye Ointment

Eye specialists prescribe steroids in certain cases. 

If there is vision loss, discomfort or cosmetic uneasiness, the specialists will perform minor surgery. This will be an Outpatient procedure that will take an hour maximum.

As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Hence, it would help if you took all the precautions needed to prevent the onset of this condition. Despite this, if you observe the symptoms of a surfer’s eye, the experienced eye specialists of Maxivision are always there to determine and suggest you the best treatment options available.