Contoura Vision is the trending technology in the field of Laser eye treatment. Being the first FDA-approved advanced LASIK treatment technology, it has found popularity worldwide. LASIK surgeries have been very popular, but Contoura Vision has taken this 10 steps further through a personalised vision correction system. 

This is a revolution indeed in the field of laser eye care, where complaints with glare, contrast, night vision issues while driving, etc., have been resolved. While also giving the sharpest and crispest vision possible. 

The personalised vision correction system, also called PVC in short, has been introduced in the field of eye surgery for the first time. Just like the popular saying ‘one size does not fit all,’ every human being has a different eye topography. And hence, vision correction can be perfect only when the eye surgeon is able to map the cornea in detail. 

This is the area where Contoura Vision empowers both the eye surgeon and the patient with its thousands of mapping points. As a result, it results in achieving a high-quality vision that one would have experienced as a child. Moreover, it is an Out-Patient (OP) surgery without any blades, injections or bandages. 

So, you just walk in with specs on and walk out specs-free in under an hour. To sum up, it could be called the magic machine of modern eye surgeons. 

Differences between Contoura Vision & LASIK

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) have been the standard in laser surgery for many years. But with the arrival of the advanced form of LASIK called Contoura Vision, a new standard has been set in laser treatment. This standard improves upon the benefits that LASIK treatment in Hyderabad has been providing all these years while also taking care of the minute side effects. 

An advanced LASIK surgery that uses corneal mapping at 22,000 points to give you the best patient outcome. It is also called Topographical mapping. Maps the eye at only 2000 points to perform the surgery. Hence, the patient outcome may not be possible.
It treats the visual axis, the natural seeing axis of the eye.It treats the pupillary axis, which doesn’t give you the full benefit of performing laser surgery.
The post-surgery vision is the sharpest and crispest you can get without specs or contact lenses.The post-surgery vision is just fine without specs or contact lenses. 
You can get a 6/6 + or 20/20 + vision.Beyond 6/6 or 20/20, vision is rarely possible.
No issues driving at night, glares, eye sensitivity, etc.Issues with night driving, glare and eye sensitivity.
Unexpected eye movements during surgery aren’t an issue.Sensitive to eye movements during surgery.
Saves 40% more corneal tissue than regular procedures.Saves very less percent of corneal tissue.

The table above tells us the reason behind Contoura Vision being the preferred method of LASIK surgery among eye surgeons today.

Similarly, We, at Maxivision Eye Hospital, have been at the forefront of introducing Contoura Vision surgery to the city of Hyderabad. This will ensure that the residents of Hyderabad have access to the best contoura vision surgery facilities.