Protect Your eyesight as you age

When we hear the word ageing, the usual worries are wrinkles, weak knees, grey hair, and so on. But, what about those organs that showed you the colourful world all these years? When you consider the effects of ageing on our body and lifestyle, taking care of our eyesight should be one of the top priorities. There are proven scientific facts that the chance of occurring eye problems increase after the age of 50. To prevent this from happening, you need to incorporate a few habits into your lifestyle that help strengthen the health of your eyes. Let’s discuss some.

Quit smoking

The rate of blindness cases due to smoking are increasing all over the world. The alarming thing here is that most of the cases are aged above 50 years. This happens due to cellular changes, oxidative stress and vascular constriction. These are gradual processes that deteriorate the health of our eyes.

Maintain your weight

Being overweight has its effects on health and lifestyle, as it does on eyesight too. Studies prove that obese people are more likely to develop cataracts related to people with a healthy weight. The drawback here is that losing the extra weight does not help prevent this. So, it’s a high priority that you maintain your weight on a proper scale.

A healthy diet does everything to your eyesight

Make sure to follow a healthy diet every day. It’s not a bad thing to count the intake of calories and nutrients of every meal you have. Make it a habit to include more greens in your food intakes to provide enough antioxidants, so your eyes stay healthy forever.

Supplements are good too

It’s a myth that the intake of supplements is bad for your health. The truer side of this is that intake of excessive amounts should be avoided. That’s because not everybody type absorbs everything from our food intake, it’s perfectly okay to opt supplements that our body lacks like Zinc, Vitamin C & E after an eye specialist consultation.

Put on your stylish sunglasses

Although they look stylish, it’s just one perk of those. The primary reason you should consider slipping on your sunglasses is that they prevent and harsh light entering our eyes, especially the reflected sunlight from glass or bright surfaces. This is a minute issue of our everyday life, but as we age, cataracts become weak and looking at bright surfaces can deal a great amount of damage.

Consult your eye specialist on a regular basis

Although all the above points mentioned prevent and help you take good care of your eyes, we always suggest that you make an appointment with an eye consultant on a regular basis. Getting your eyes checked as you age should be on your monthly calendar since this helps preserve the better of eyesight. Don’t you have an eye consultant? We can help with that. Book an appointment with our doctors who will guide you through

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