A Complete Guide on Laser Cataract Surgery: Meaning, Benefits & Treatment
Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataracts affect around 20 million people around the world. It could be hard or soft, partial or complete, stationary or progressive, from case to case. Cataracts are classified as Nuclear Sclerosis, Cortical and Posterior Subcapsular, mainly observed in people of higher age groups, especially after 68 years.  A cataract is a condition in which the […]

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Contoura Vision® Topography Guided LASIK

LASIK has been the industry leader in vision correction until date, beginning from the late 90s when the US FDA approved it. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It has benefited millions of patients over more than two decades in living a specs-free life. Patients felt confident about their looks and never worried about […]

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What is the difference between Contoura Vision and LASIK?
LASIK better than Contoura

Laser surgery has been popular with people having refractive errors for more than two decades. Millions of surgeries have been done since LASIK was approved by the FDA in 1999. The USA tops the list in this regard. LASIK stands for ‘Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis’. LASIK underwent the same upgradation that happens to technology over […]

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What is Contoura Vision?
What is Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is the trending technology in the field of Laser eye treatment. Being the first FDA-approved advanced LASIK treatment technology, it has found popularity worldwide. LASIK surgeries have been very popular, but Contoura Vision has taken this 10 steps further through a personalised vision correction system.  This is a revolution indeed in the field […]

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What is a surfer’s eye? Will the surfer’s eye go away?
surfer’s eye

Surfer’s Eye is a condition of the eye where a pinkish, fleshy tissue growth happens on the conjunctiva. Also known as Pterygium,  it grows closest to the side near the nose in an almost triangular shape and goes up to the cornea. But the growth is not cancerous and benign. But the extent of the […]

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What triggers Ocular Migraine?
Ocular Migraine

Several studies show that around 213 million Indians are suffering from Migraine. Therefore, it is a health condition that we are totally aware of. But what exactly is Ocular Migraine? Is it just a headache? And how is it different from other migraines? Well, it’s time we answer all these questions. Ocular Migraine is a […]

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Download Our App- Your Eye health made easy
Maxivision Application

Almost everyone today has a mobile. Technology has made many actions easier for us and sometimes it even feels unbelievable. Mobiles have opened many doors for humanity to interact with one another. At the same time, they have enabled us to be closer to brands in every way.  One of the best ways the audience […]

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When should my cataract be operated on?
Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is the process of removing the clouded natural lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial one. In typical cases, the lens of our eyes is clear. But, the lens becomes clouded by a few habits and lifestyle choices; if you want to know more, please read this blog. Moving on, […]

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What are the 7 causes of Blindness?
causes of blindness

Did you know that blindness is mostly caused by age-related diseases? But, with proper awareness and precaution, you can prevent blindness. Before we proceed further, we would like to clear a cloud of thought that hovers around the word ‘blindness’.  Blindness varies from hazy vision to completely losing sight. There are cases with a limited […]

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How can I get rid of Glasses?
How can I get rid of glasses?

There are several procedures to get rid of glasses called Refractive Surgeries. But, usually, these are classified as cosmetic procedures. Are they cosmetic or curative? Let’s take a simple example of a person using high-powered glasses. The first thing that he does after getting up is to look around for his glasses. If he has […]

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