Maxivision Eye Hospitals have always been at the forefront of introducing the latest eyecare technologies. While introducing them, our eye specialists always remain up-to-date on using these new technologies too. One of our latest eyecare technology additions is the Technolas 217P Excimer Laser machine. 

This machine is used to treat refractive errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia and mixed Astigmatism very effectively. Additionally, it has the advantage of being able to treat Presbyopia, a refractive error where middle-aged to older adults can’t see closer objects.

Surprisingly, the Technolas Excimer 217P Laser can treat other refractive errors and Presbyopia in a single procedure called SUPRACOR. It is a LASIK algorithm that enables this treatment procedure successfully. The machine is quite an expensive investment but is truly worth its benefits.

Benefits of the Technolas 217P Excimer Laser

This technology is quite popular worldwide for its high accuracy and lifelong benefits. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this – 

  1. It is a premium LASIK procedure for correcting refractive errors.
  2. You get spot-on results for refractive treatments using the personalised Aspheric program (combined Wavefront & Aspheric treatment).
  3. Only rare instances of exceeding 0.75 D refractive error post-surgery.
  4.  A personalised treatment procedure gives good quality and predictability of surgery outcomes.
  5. An advanced control eye tracking capability to track and adjust the ablation pattern throughout the procedure at the same time.
  6. It has iris recognition capabilities.
  7. Optical Coherence Pachymetry to continuously measure the flap and stromal thickness in high resolution during the surgery.
  8. It has a slit lamp for visualisation without moving the patient.
  9. An anti-thermal spot sorting feature reduces the local heating.
  10. The machine comes fitted with an ergonomic patient bed that allows for automatic OD/OS positioning.
  11. Customers get very good support from the machine manufacturers. This includes technical and application support. As a result, the machine breakdown rate is quite less, and this leads to 99 % surgery schedule upkeep.
  12. Treatment for Presbyopia and other refractive errors in one single procedure. Termed as SUPRACOR treatment.
  13. There is only less than a 1 % chance for retreatment visits. 

The Technolas 217P Excimer Laser empowers patients.

The Technolas 217P Excimer Laser is indeed a very advanced technology to treat the refractive errors of the eye. It works in close coordination with the Technolas Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation and the Technolas Treatment Assistant. Combined together, they provide customised treatment plans for each patient according to their conditions. Hence, its sophisticated algorithms help eye surgeons deliver the best Eye Hospital in Hyderabad possible to patients. 

Maxivision Eye Hospital is proud to have incorporated the Technolas 217P Excimer Laser into its refractive error treatment plans. With this, we aim to empower people with the best eyesight to take advantage of the best possible opportunities that come their way, and that too at affordable rates!

If you have been facing refractive error issues and are looking forward to regaining your natural vision and becoming specs-free, you’re in the perfect place. After all, you can always be assured of the best vision the 217P Excimer Laser machine offers. All you have to do is book an appointment online at our website or through our mobile app ‘mVision’. You may even walk into our hospitals during our working hours.