LASIK Surgery: Know About Corneal Thickness

If you’re thinking of getting a LASIK surgery done, let us tell you that it is always the right decision. Before diving into why you should know about Corneal thickness before getting LASIK surgery, let’s see what LASIK does. As we all know, to move away from glasses, you get LASIK surgery done. It is a vision correction procedure that millions of people love worldwide. 

Going just a little further into science, we need glasses to see correctly because of a slight change in the cornea. We reshape the corneal layer with the LASIK procedure to produce clear vision. This procedure has received so much attention because it’s easy to go through and aids in quick recovery. 

Now that we have an idea of how the procedure works let’s discuss the importance of Corneal thickness in LASIK surgery. As you approach us or any other eye care centre, we thoroughly analyse your eyes. Through this, we get to understand the complete scenario of the state of your eyes. Using that information, we then decide which lasik surgery to perform to yield better results. 

LASIK Surgery and the factors involved

Earlier, you read the term ‘Corneal layer’ that reshapes. Now, whenever there’s a layer, it has thickness. This corneal thickness is a vital measure that determines whether or not your eyes are applicable for LASIK surgery. If your eyes do not have enough corneal thickness, we suggest patients not go through with the surgery. Operating on a thin corneal layer might lead to post-surgery complications. 

The most remarkable element of today’s world is that we are constantly evolving. At the same time, medical institutes and organisations develop innovative ways to solve problems. One of such innovations is the lens replacing technique, which is one option that people with thin corneal layers can choose. We replace your natural corneal layer with an artificial one in this procedure. 

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In any case, we, at Maxivision Hospitals, have top-class specialists that can guide you through your decision making. Not just that, they will take personal responsibility for your surgery, and we are sure that they will become a good friend by the time you recover. Maxivision is the best eye hospital in Hyderabad.

NOTE: No information, suggestion, advice, evaluation, process, terminology, etc., provided in our blog should be considered as the final medical advice. Please note that this information is only indicatory for you to better understand various eye-related syndromes and the treatment options available. We recommend you visit our hospital for any issues or discomfort in your eye(s). Only on complete diagnosis by one of our doctors we can evaluate your condition and help you with a relevant medical process and/or treatment.

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