It’s June, and summer is in full swing. Even though we spend most summer indoors, there’s still a risk of exposure to bright sunlight during the day. And according to several types of medical researches, the sun’s harsh light can cause direct and severe damages to the cornea. The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the lens, through which light passes through. The tissue over the eyes gets damaged and you can develop cataracts over time. So, here is why medical experts suggest eye care tips by using sunglasses every time you go out.

One evident reason to wear tinted glasses while going out is to block the harshness of bright light. If eyes are directly exposed to harsh or UV rays, temporary blindness will only be a few hours away.

Fact: Wearing sunglasses eliminates 98% of risks caused by harsh sunlight.

There’s a reason why it’s only 98%. That is because of the wide range of models that are available these days. Although we encourage any type of sunglasses, it’s better if you’re educated with the correct information about sunglasses. The actual use of sunglasses is to entirely block the sunlight entering near our Eye area. The casual sunglasses that we often tend to wear do no wrap around the eye, which gives way to problems.

Eye care tips while stepping out

Whenever you step out, make sure to put on sunglasses. People who drive motorcycles, which is the most used vehicle in India, tend to avoid using any glasses. Even the windshield glasses of a car blocks only 14% of the harsh light. So, be it a car or bike, make sure you carry a pair of sunglasses with you.

As you read this blog, you might already have realised how important sunglasses are. So, it’s even crucial when it comes to kids. During the summer, families opt to go out and have fun. But, keep the safety measures in check while having fun. Incorporate the habit of using sunglasses as a protective measure for your kids. Teach them eye care tips and not to look directly at the sun, and mention what happens if they do so.

We hope that this blog made you realise the importance of wearing sunglasses while stepping out. If you’ve been facing any problems with your eyesight, don’t panic, because we’re here for you. Our specialists in various areas of Eyecare, will provide you with a suitable solution to get your eyesight back on track. Get in contact with us through our contact page, or book an appointment.