When should my cataract be operated on?

Cataract surgery is the process of removing the clouded natural lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial one. In typical cases, the lens of our eyes is clear. But, the lens becomes clouded by a few habits and lifestyle choices; if you want to know more, please read this blog.

Moving on, if you opt to choose to get Cataract surgery, you’ll find there are quite a few types of surgeries. Although there are different types of surgeries, our experts will suggest the right one.

How to remove cataracts?

Before the advancement of technology, we used to remove cataracts by making a large incision to the eyeball. Following that, we turn the cataract into a solid mass and remove it. In contrast, the modern technique uses a micro-puncture on the eyeball. Then, we will remove the gel-like immature cataract using an ultrasonic device. We call this process of extraction as Phacoemulsification.

Why should you prefer the second method?

While we could say that the technology has advanced tenfold, we would also like to give you its advantages of it. One of the major advantages is that technological advancements enhance the safety factor. So the Phacoemulsification technique is much safer than the older methods.

The second advantage is that this procedure only requires a micro-puncture compared to a large incision in the older method. This reduces the recovery time by months. And thus the risks of infection too. While the traditional methods take 40 days for recovery, the methods with advanced technology will only need 4 days for recovery.

Moving on, the new method of surgery is ideal for diabetic patients and for also those with Cardiac problems. Since we do the Phacoemulsification procedure without any external blood-thinning injections, the medications for either of these complications don’t need to be stopped.

Phacoemulsification surgery also allows the use of several modern intraocular lenses like Trifocals and EDOF lenses. These lenses give complete freedom from glasses after the surgery.

We, at Maxivision Superspeciality Eye Hospital Trichy, have taken a step further in keeping cataract surgeries safe by introducing the Catalys Robotic Cataract Surgery for the first time in this region. If you’re still confused about whether or not to get cataract surgery done, drop in at our branches. We will explain to you all that you need in detail and educate you to make the right decision. Book an appointment now.

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